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A classic fragrant and clean cup. Here at Ohori's Colombia has always been a standard coffee and used in many of our blends. This years crop is outstanding as a single origin choice. Our Colombian is grown in the south-west region of Huila and comes from a small, family run mill in Neiva, which is owned and operated by the Valencia family. Valencia has quietly discovered the finest growing region in the state. The selective sourcing and attention to detail in processing, as well as being a small, independent producer has set the Valencia coffees apart from the vast supplies of coffee being grown in Colombia, the world’s 3rd largest coffee producer.
Origin:Huila Valencia, Colombia
Flavors:Rich and fragrant
Quantity: $15.25/lb.

Costa Rica

A complete cup with hearty, rich flavor; everything a coffee should be! This Costa Rica is sourced from Juan Rafael Monge Picado and milled as a single farm micro-lot at ASOPROAAA (Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Acosta y Aserri) ASOPROAAA was established in 1998, in response to the destruction caused by Hurricane Mitch. ASOPROAAA established one of the first micro-mills in Costa Rica to support the production of quality coffee for export.
Origin:La Pastora Tarrazu, Rain Forest Alliance
Brightness:Very bright, sparkling
Flavors:Fresh citrus, dulce de leche, chocolate
Quantity: $15.00/lb.