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Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

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First of the Month Coffee Subscription Program

Welcome to our new subscription service where you can consistently have your Ohori's, always roasted with joy and care!

For a limited time, receive 15% off when you join our subscription service for one year (you can cancel at any time).

We ship/deliver/curbside to our subscribers on the first of each month!

To sign-up and join: Create your first order on any day, select the coffee and other products you would like, then select the reoccurring option in your cart. You will be sent/delivered/ curbside your order on the date you order. After the initial order, your team will fulfill your reoccurring order on the first of the month.

  • First, choose the coffee beans and teas. Then, head to the cart and select "Join our subscription service!". Continue with your preferences:
  1. Your order can get to you by mail (UPS/ USPS), curbside pick-up at one of our locations, or in-house delivery within the City of Santa Fe.
  2. Choose once a month (sent on the 1st of each month) or twice a month (sent on the 1st and the 15th).
  3. Your initial order will be processed. We send out subsequent orders on the 1st (or the next business day). Twice monthly option sends on the 1st and 15th.
  • After your initial order processes on the date you ordered, we will manage your order in-house and charge your CC for each recurring order at the shipment time. (Order management online not available at this time).
  • Regardless of when you ordered, you will receive your next subscription package on the first of the month (or the 15th for twice-monthly orders).
  • If you select curbside, your order will be ready only at the time and location of your initial order. If this falls on a day we are closed, it will be the business day prior.
  • If you would ever like to skip a delivery or hold your subscription, please email our fulfillment team at order@ohoriscoffee.com.
  • If you would like various coffees, choose our roasters choice in the coffee beans or email us with your unique preferences. And, if you ever want to change your order, email order@ohoriscoffee.com.

We welcome gift subscriptions for your family and friends, make an initial order, and choose a subscription. Enter your gift note!

Ohori's is still a small business, locally owned and operated. We respect and care for each of our customers' experiences and know you often start your day, get your afternoon moving, or connect with a friend over a cup of Ohori's Coffee. Please call or email us with any questions.

Welcome to our community!