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Special and Limited Offerings

Roaster's Pick - 4 half pounds

Roaster's Pick is 4 half lbs from our offerings chosen by our Roaster. You will receive 4 half pound bags chosen from our diverse selection. Enjoy something new and surprising!
Body:Full Bodied
Flavors:A plethora!
Roast:Not Applicable
Quantity: $36.00/per 2 lbs,

Maui Mokka

This very limited coffee is brand new to us and we couldn't be more proud of it! The crisp smooth finish combined with the subtle and exotic tasting notes such as chocolate, wine and spiced fruit, is something to really enjoy this Holiday Season. Directly traded with the farmers, this "Champagne of the Coffee World" is going to go fast, so get it while you can!
Origin:Maui, Hawaii and Yemen
Body:Full Bodied
Brightness:Medium Brightness
Flavors:Spiced Fruit, Chocolate, Exotic Wine
Quantity: $34.00/lb.