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Our current Colombia Popayan Supremo is sourced from family-owned farms located in the municipality of Popayán within the department of Cauca, Colombia. On average, each producer cultivates their coffee on less than 5 acres of land. Coffee producers use their own micro-mill to process harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee.
Origin:Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
Flavors:Lemon, Nougat, caramel, chocolate
Roast:Ohori?s Standard
Quantity: $15.25/lb.

Costa Rica

A complete cup with hearty, rich flavor; everything a coffee should be! This Costa Rica is sourced from Juan Rafael Monge Picado and milled as a single farm micro-lot at ASOPROAAA (Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Acosta y Aserri) ASOPROAAA was established in 1998, in response to the destruction caused by Hurricane Mitch. ASOPROAAA established one of the first micro-mills in Costa Rica to support the production of quality coffee for export.
Origin:La Pastora Tarrazu, Rain Forest Alliance
Brightness:Very bright, sparkling
Flavors:Fresh citrus, dulce de leche, chocolate
Quantity: $15.00/lb.


The Bella Carmona Guatemala is back and remains a staff favorite here at Ohori’s! We roast this coffee on the medium side for Ohori's. It's a well-balanced classical Central American ‘clean’ cup. The Guatemalas are a good choice if you don’t want the brightness of a Costa Rica, but want a clean cup compared to a Sumatra. Grab a bag before it goes out of stock again, you don't want to miss this perfect coffee!
Origin:Antigua - Bella Carmona
Body:Full Bodied
Brightness:Medium and well balanced
Flavors:Milk chocolate & roasted caramel
Quantity: $17.00/lb.